Thursday, 31 March 2011


Hey Guys,

On the advice of one of the comments to my last post, I've decided to explore Wallbase today!

I'm new to this site too, but I can tell it will be a great source for wallpapers - What I found most useful was the searchbar utility which allows you to trawl through the vast number of keywords slapped onto the images posted up on the site.

My only criticism is that the site does not offer multiple resolutions for each image. Stretching! ARGH!

Here are a few i've pulled from the site after searching "Flower"

The final image is a little interesting hey?

One last thing - Let me take this opportunity to tell you about a new blog I plan on maintaining:

I have an obsession with internet videos, as a lot of us do since Youtube arrived on the block - So I hope I can share with you some that will really make your day - Just one a day, but I'll always make sure it's the best I can find!
Thanks for reading guys, till next time


Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Hey guys,

I'm around 99% sure you will have stumbled across DeviantART before if you've spent much time on the internet - but did you know they have a section dedicated purely to wallpapers?

Check it out HERE

So you know what to expect, here are a few choice selections from today's additions!

Jelly Bunny Flowers by =lafhaha

Simplicity - Blue by ~Nazaryn

FLOWERS by ~MariaDarling 

It's really worth checking out DeviantART once or twice a week, as some really spectacular work comes up that you are unlikely to see anywhere else. It's artist submitted, so you can make comments and questions directly at the author - really great if you LOVE a wallpaper!

(P.S The majority of my Space Wallpaper folder came from DeviantART ;)

Thanks for reading guys, and happy browsing!



Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Hey guys,

Really important post today - Giving you an intro into the use of Rainmeter to add unique skinable gadgets to your desktop, to keep you informed of all your PC particulars, or simply to make it look AMAZING!

First step, head over to and download it for your system!

Here are the samples they provide as to how you can make your desktop look:

And, here's how mine looks with my personal touches!

All you need to do is install Rainmeter, find it in the taskbar (near your clock on the startbar), change the skins, and open and close modules as you see fit - Hardly anything for me to explain really, and their forum and readme files are fantastic.

Make sure to check the Raimeter forums for custom gadgets and skins - The Circular clock, the calendar and the CPU/RAM/Network meters are all custom! If you want details of these, feel free to ask

Till next time,


Space! Because why not again??

Hey guys,

Enough of you loved the space theme to make we want to jump into it all over again - New track to set the mood, all to follow:

And, the track below (trust me, it's pretty wicked)

Next time, I hope to tell you ALL about a great little application called 'Rainmeter' which will let you turn your desktop into something seriously impressive

Till then,


Monday, 28 March 2011

Space Theme? You got it!

Hey Guys,

Something a little different - Why? Cos I'm a little bit in love with electronic music, so along with my future posts, I'm going to slap you with a sweet tune so you can get in the right mood to set up a wicked desktop ; )

Here's a few walls, themed to fit the song:

And here's the tune:

Cheers guys, make sure to check back for updates! 


Sunday, 27 March 2011


Hey guys!

First stop for your Wallpaper needs should be

Why? They have a fantastic user rating and internal reviewing system which means only the best of the best user submitted content gets through to the pages you download from! Not only that, each wallpaper is downloadable in almost every conceivable mainstream resolution, so no more stretched desktops ; )

I have almost every wallpaper released by these guys stored on my computer on a rotation on my hard drive - they have a very diverse variety of mediums, and are always top notch when it comes to quality.

Here's a few I picked out to give you an idea of what they have to offer:

Really nice site guys, make sure you check it out if you're bored of your desktop!


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Current Desktop 9-3-11

Hey guys - Thought I should post my current desktop!

It's a little bit messy - I've been playing around with Rainmeter so it's a work in progress but I'm fond of it for now



Hi everyone!

Over the last 10 years i've spent hundreds of hours a year trawling through the internet, tracking down ways to make my computer desktop functional, attractive and clean.

My goal with this blog is to bring you as diverse a range of customizing options as possible, from as wide a range of sources as possible - You'll be seeing sources for the following:

  • Wallpapers
  • Icons
  • Gadgets
  • Cursors
  • Screensavers
  • Startup/Shutdown Screens
  • Windows Sounds
  • MacOS Specifics
  • Applications
  • Customization suites
  • Tutorials and help articles 

Hopefully I can bring you some really fresh new ideas to get your computer desktop looking exactly how you want it!

Who knows how popular this blog will be, maybe the only views I receive will be my own!

Regardless, these posts are for you, whoever you are - Hope you have fun reading!